Seth George

About Me

Hello, my name is Seth. I have two Bachelors of Science degrees, Software Engineering and Cognitive Psychology, from Iowa State University. I'm interested in VR, making games, and other projects that sound like they belong in Sci-Fi movies. Let's make some cool stuff together.

Résumé and Credentials

Normally I only send the first page of this résumé when I am applying for a job. However, I have included my full work history here so the information is avaliable just in case.


WebGL Scene

This was a project to teach myself about Three.js. I am planning on adding a lot more to it in regards of the lighting effects. Assets are taken from where the examples got them from. I do not claim to have made these textures, etc.

EEG Mind Maze

The goal was to use an EEG to register certain brain wave patterns to as event triggers. We can then use those triggers to allow the user to navigate through a randomly generated 3D maze by thinking a direction. I learned how to use QT/QML, and how to use it in conjunction with OpenGL.

Mars Rover

The goal was to navigate through an obstacle course using only what we programmed the robot to recognize via sensors. We also implements a makeshift GUI of ASCII characters to display what the robot saw on a console. This project taught me about pointers, bit shifting, and events.


This Unity project was done to learn about AI development, specifically the alpha pruning algorithm. This pruning technique is ideal for this game since the AI goes through all the possible moves to see what the most valuble move would be, and on the hardest difficulty the AI looks ahead 10 moves.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me about job offers, fun projects, or just to say hello!